Its ok to Worry

The book has been released to the general public for just over 2 weeks now. The general feedback has been, simply put, humbling. The most common comments are, “I picked it up, and just couldn’t put it down”. Then second up, “I’ve thought about certain parts of the book for days afterwards”.

I’ve have used my years struggling with anxiety / panic attacks and addiction to attract attention to the bigger issues. Mental Health and fragmentation of self.

When I was living it, I didn’t know how bad it actually was, as I was clearly, either drunk, or in black out. The biggest issue is, what breaks, or has always sat broken within us that leads us to this shit storm of existence that we unknowingly created.  Addiction to a substance attached or not. And how do we stop things from continually imploding within is.


So one great thing I heard and I practice, and yes, they advice is stolen from my colleague, Dr Gavin Jones, who’s the smart one.

You are allowed to worry!!! However you are not allowed to wake up in the middle of the night and embrace worry, you are not allowed to let worry in then, you can acknowledge worry, and then tell that little fucker to sod off until morning, ONLY then, are you allowed to let worry back in.

The reason for this is, all those fancy named brain juices, are at their lowest in the witching hours, if worry is allowed in, it will simply have one great party, causing adrenaline to ignite, and stress to set in. Meanwhile all the other good chemicals that can combat worry, are having their daily rest and restoration. ( Beauty sleep )

Worry at the right time of the day, to allow, the feel good, fix it juices are fair chance of helping you worry and stress less.

Taking care of your mental health, taking care of you, has to be number one. You must matter first. Im not preachy, never will be, but do yourself a favour, put some headphones on, blast your own tunes that lift you up, take yourself outside, and look for happy around you. DONT let negative shit enter your head, push worry away, for 30 plus minutes of banging good tunes, mother nature, and fresh air.  That’s called looking after you. Making you matter, if only for 30 minutes.

Sometimes I need to write stuff down, to then read what Im feeling, and then act on it. Im off out in the rain, Cat Stevens and Peace Train along for the ride, worry can take a back seat, its time to let my head be filled up with lots of happy..

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