Poured me a glass of life; Book reviews.


Wow Denise! This is an amazing inspiring story, couldn’t put it down , read it in 24hrs. I wish you love and happiness and know this is going to change many people’s lives. You are still as beautiful as the Enwood days. Happy New Year , continue your amazing work xx

Jan Gomez.

Have just finished your book, once I started I couldn’t put it down, you really have been to hell and back but lived to tell your story, a great read , written by a woman who, can and does make things happen. Your story really got in my head, I dreamt about it last night. Your amazing.

Lyn Tippett

Denise, I’ve just finished the book and it was wonderful. An inspiring tale of hope, regeneration, and healing from the darkest depths of addiction, raw, gripping stories, told with wisdom and genuine personality. Informative and revealing of the inefficiency of the public rehabilitation systems and offering insight to how important it is that treatment considers first the psychological root of addiction and offers experience in these centers. Reading this book offers hope and a light in the dark for anyone affected by substance addiction, and simultaneously a fascinating autobiography of a strong woman who rose from the ashes like a Phoenix. Thank you Denise for your courage in baring your soul to the world. I feel so much admiration for you that you not only made it out and poured yourself a glass of life, but that you have and will make a positive difference in helping countless others. Susan would be so so happy and incredibly proud of you!

Luka Vogt

Absolutely loved it, couldn’t put it down!! Brutally honest, yet full of inspiration and hope. I found it fascinating and at times very emotional. Will be recommending this to everyone, no matter whether they have a connection to addiction or not. Thanks for sharing your story Denise

Natalie Gardiner

I couldn’t put this book down. I was enlightened to a world I didn’t understand. I learnt firsthand of the grip of addiction and the importance of accepting help in so many facets of our lives. It shows the strength of love in family. Denise’s book is a ‘must read’ and I give thanks for her writing it.

Jenny Bell

I am just loving this book! I am reading a story about me through acceptance and searching for and identifying the Similarities and noting the very few Differences. I have loved and will continue to love and pursue my new life. Thank you.


John Butcher


Hey Denise, finished your book in 2 days. It was a gripping read, well written and easy to read. Crazy to learn what you went through over those years

Charlie Tovey


Hi Denise! Read it! Loved it! Wrote a review on Amazon. Hope people buy it.

Pam Phillips


Halfway through!! So well written and still can’t believe what you have been through xx

Tyler Wrigley

I was gunna cut the grass in my houses in Cromwell today. But thought fuck it ill read your book.  Just finished. Was a great read. U done good.

Bob Tovey

You will save people’s life with this book

Taylor Rapley

Can’t put it down . When’s the movie?

Paula Argall

My sister bought your book to Xmas Lunch and i stayed up late into the night reading last night. I continue today on the balcony. It is touching me in so many ways. Thank you for sharing with us all. What a gift!

Khaz Grey

Can’t put the book down. Picked it up yesterday and half way through.

Kate McLeay

I already have tears and its only page 14

Barbs Van der weil

I’ve had most enjoyable day reading your wonderful book. I never put it down other than to dose off for half an hour. Bloody great reading!! You’re an inspiration, a bloody trooper and wonderful human being! I just want to say once again how grateful we are to you! A huge thank you…. we got our son back!! We will never forget it.

Debs Banks

What a wonderful story of your life. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading your book.

With your massive courage, conviction and wonderful story telling it will sing to all and I’m sure help many who are standing on the brink. Well done!

I teared up several times reading your book. Partly because I knew many of the good people who were part of your journey. But also, I remember your beautiful mauri and friendship Denise. I miss those wonderful days and the fun times. I have thought of you often over the years and hoped you were ok on your journey.

I’m so pleased to see that your wiarua is soaring again. Aroha nui Denise

Jamie More

Hi Denise, thank you for writing this book, my daughter Emily gave me her copy for Xmas, but I had to give it back when I had read it. Well I have read the book, couldn’t put it down, and it gave such a good insight into addiction. I finally realized the trauma that Emily suffered, it was the loss of people close to her.  Emily and I had a really good talk today. So Denise thank you for saving my daughter’s life and thank you for writing your book I am sure it will help a lot of people.

Name withheld for confidentiality.

Good for you , must have been like a huge release! I guess it means more to me as I’ve met you…but I think your target area is friends and family who have an addict , this shows their side , which no one can relate to unless they’ve been there and come out the other side! I met a very interesting lady a few years ago who had the job of assessing people coming in to her hospital as to whether they were suicidal…. She explained to me that when someone all of a sudden becomes happy they’ve decided that they’re going to commit suicide… which I could relate to in your book…. Mmmmmmmm….. It’s an interesting, sometimes fucked up world we live in….but I love life

Darren O,Sullivan